Our therapies and approaches

Below, you can learn more about the different approaches and therapeutic methods we offer. For more information and details about the different existing approaches in pediatric physiotherapy, please click the respective image.

In most cases, pediatric physiotherapy is prescribed by doctors and is normally covered by health insurance. In addition, we offer special therapies for self-paying clients as indicated o the homepage. Some of the therapeutic appraoches are only available in some of our clinics.

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  • Evidence-based
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The therapies offered by our Berlin health practive for neurologic rehabilitation and physiotherapie have been used successfully to treat these clusters of symptoms: cerebral palsy (CP) - unilateral CP (hemiparesis), bilateral CP (tetraparesis, diparesis), dyskinetic CP (athetosis), ataxic CP, symptoms after stroke in infants (hemiparesis), symptoms after premature birth (brain hemorraghe, etc.), floppy infant syndrom, myopathis, neuropathis, polyneuropathies, meningitis, spina bifida, paresis of right arm plexus, autism spectre, epilepsy, hydrocephalus, cerebral edema, Rett syndrome, trisomy, charge syndrome, degenerative muscular dystrophy.