Our clients' experiences

We asked some of our clients and their parents to provide a short statement how they found our pediatric health practice for neurologic rehabilitation and physiotherapy in Berlin and what they think about our collaboration:

Our pediatrician recommended the Siebold health practice. Julian was 4 months old back then. This means that we he has enjoyed the best physiotherapeutic treatment for 12 years now. I will never forget what she said in the beginning: "So far, I have taught every kid how to walk". I did not have much hope after Julian got his diagnosis. Now, she is teaching him how to walk for a second time after hip surgery. Dagmar, you are the best. With new ideas that are always adapted to the individual needs and situations, you and your team are creating miracles!!!! Keep up the good work! Thank you so much for the trusting cooperation and team-play. Tina, Steffen and Julian :)

Tina K.

Dagmar Siebold and her team helped my daughter Filipa to achieve what she can do today: she can walk, she manages stairs safely, eats on her own and much more! Without consistent training five days a week for four years we could not have reached these goals, no doctor thought her to be capable of this! We are absolutely grateful.

Filipa's mother

We got in touch with the Siebold health practice while our daughter was at the Hohenstücken clinic for rehabilitation. While we were provided with therapeutic appliances, Ralf S. recommended Ms. Siebold.
At her health practice, well-qualified, experienced and engaged physical therapists are taking care of our daughter. Again and again, they give us helpful advice we use every day at home, as well as instructions and guidance for the pre-school teachers.

Pia's parents

After several bad experiences, I have now finally found a physiotherapeutic practice that understands children's needs and offers Pető and Bobath approaches. It was searching the internet that brought me to the health pracice.
Ms. Siebold observed my daughter's problems closely and developed an individual therapeutic approach for her. Her health practice works systematically with specific methods and I am very content and happy that she and her team are there for me.

Sandra B. aus Berlin

A doctor recommended the children's health practice for neurologic rehabilitation and physiotherapy. The team is kind and helpful and is always approachable for questions, I like their calm interaction with the patients.

Kayra S.

Our physiotherapist recommended the pediatric health practice. The optimistic attitude of Ms. Siebold and her therapists strengthened my hope for and belief in my child’s success. The therapists are competent, friendly, understanding and patient. Thus, I felt safe leaving my child in their caring hands. My child also enjoys her therapy. We reached the therapy's goals and all promises were kept. Me and my partner want to thank the health practice for the great cooperation. More such health practices and therapists should exists. For my child's health, I would do everything - and I am happy to drive the extra mile. I can recommend the health practice to anyone who has a special child (with limited abilities or with disabilities).

H. K.

Getting in touch with the Siebold pediatric health practice via the Björn-Schulz-Foundation felt like a jackpot in the lottery to us. Without Ms. Siebold and her team, our daughter Frida surely would not be as advanced in her motor skill development as she is today.
From the very start, Ms. Siebold offered her support and encouragement in the consultations, especially when we faced uphill battles with other institutions. We are very grateful for the therapists’ empathic and individually tailored work. Thank you very much!

Frida's parents

Dagmar Siebold and her team have been with me for many years now. Through a lot of training, they helped me to lead an independent life with my restricted mobility. The therapists encouraged me to not be deterred by difficulties instead, they showed me how to overcome them. Even though the many hours of therapy took a lot of time and energy, especially in my childhood and adolescence, I can testify in hindsight that the hard work definitely paid off and I am grateful for having such a great team backing me. They helped me so much in increasing my motor skills with practicing everyday tasks. My entire body was trained with the exercises. It was also explained to me how I can manage to move in a room without having anything to hold on to. I learned how to walk along walls, to use furniture as support and to develop my own strategies for everyday life over time. When I started to go to primary school, my parents asked my form teacher to meet Dagmar Siebold, who was able to help the teacher to develop a better understanding of my restrictions. Ms. Siebold used an example: “Imaging wearing thick mittens and you are sitting at a table that is wobbling constantly. The chair you are sitting on is also wobbling constantly. The paper in front of you is slipping away. With your mittens, you can’t hold the pen - and now try writing your name. This is how exhausting and frustrating every day in school is for Josephine!” Ms. Siebold’s and her team’s efforts, combined with my ambition, have enabled me to be able to do everything an able-bodied person can do, just a little slower! :-)

Josy, 27

In April 2011, an acquaintance told us about the health practice. Back then, my son K. was about two and a half years old and was only able to turn from his back to the abdominal position - and that only sometimes! The therapist took her time to get to know K. in an extensive consultation and explained to us what she thought our child would be able to achieve.
After about three months my son was able to crawl on his own and about a year later, he could walk with support.The constant therapy as well as the many hints and the advice for everyday life still have an impact.
Even though it can sometimes be quite demanding for him, K. is always looking forward to his "exercise" in the health practice. He gets a lot of encouragement and appreciation when he accomplishes something. The team is cheerful, attentive and always cares about the children's well-being and their progress. Thank you all so much!

K.'s mother