About the Berlin pediatric health practice for physiotherapy

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Our current neuromotoric development training has been developed in 30 years of working with children. Our approach for thinking about and working with children with neurological damages has been shaped by the dissatisfaction with existing therapeutic possibilities, the urge for discovering new models, experiences made in psychomotorics in the 1980s, exercise therapy in Norway, and discovering Conductive Education in the early 1990s in England (cooperation with Esther Cotton and Dorothy Seglow).

Since the turn of the century, many of the hypotheses developed in these approaches have been supported by scientific research, allowing us to incorporate the resulting models developed in modern neurorehabilitation into our research-led therapeutic work. 

Thus, we started to include the use of Botulinumtoxin for children with spastic movement disorders and equipment-based physiotherapy such as treadmill exercise and Galileo.

We are determined to systematically engage with innovation, also that emerging from neighboring disciplines, and to evaluate its benefits and implementability for everyday work in the health clinic.

This consistent development of our approaches would not be possible without our cooperation with colleagues working in the medical and therapeutic professions as well as orthopedic technicians and engineers.